The double bar of the Taberna del Alabardero offers an assortment of tapas and ‘pintxos’ in the purest Basque style. Appetizer time is key. Wide selection of reds, vermouth, and white wines; well-poured ‘cañas’ and all kinds of soft drinks.


Mini baguette with Iberian ham with fresh tomato 4,50
Mini baguette with Spanish omelette and red fried peppers 3,50
Anchovies in vinager,anchovy with Basque Country vinager pepper 3,50
Mini baguette with tuna, mayonnaise, tomato and anchovy 3,00
Delicacy of fried hake with roasted peppers and spinach 4,00
Gratined bran daded cod with caramelized onion and pomegranate 3,50
Trunk of tuna, piquillo and anchovy with its Basque Gilda 3,50
Assorted smoked fish, tomato and dill with butter and beets 4,00


Homemade Iberian ham croquette 2,00
Pintxo of Orduña omelette 3,50
Ratatouille from La Mancha with quail egg and Iberian ham 4,50
Head of wild boar, citrus and paprika from La Vera with gratin cheese 3,50
Mussel tigers 2,00



Five pintxos to choose from the assortment of the bar 4,50


Roast potatoes with fried green peppers from Padrón 7,00
Vegetable salad with tuna in brine 5,00
Spicy potatoes 7,00
Fried green peppers from Padrón 8,00
Grilled seasonal mushrooms (According to market) 18,00
Mushroom with ham at Sherry 8,00


Minced soup with Sherry and egg 5,00
Smart soup of purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras 5,00
Typical Basque soup of cod 6,00



Seasonal mushrooms, caramelized onions, grapes and goat cheese 4,50
Homemade roasted peppers with tuna in a tub and chives 5,00


Homemade anchovy in vinegar 10,00
Baby squids in its ink 19,50
Fried calamari from País Vasco 15,50
Roasted homemade peppers with tuna in a tub 14,00
Fried delicacy of hake 14,00
Brandade cod with piquillo peppers from Navarra 14,00


Iberian 100% acorn ham with toast and tomato 33,00
Fried free range egg from the hamlet with chorizo, Iberian ham and potatoes 14,50
Flor de Esgueva cheese with quince 12,50
Tripe at Madrid style 13,50
Grilled pork sausage from Arbizu with potatoes and green peppers from Padrón 11,00
Beef meatballs with vegetables 10,00
Troop – style lamb with mushrooms 23,00



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